We’re offering current EMTs the change to get paramedic certification for FREE with a flexible work schedule built around your studies. Plus, you’ll get paid for investing in your EMS education.

By advancing your certification level, you could earn 30-50% more than your current salary and open yourself to new opportunities for advancement in EMS, public safety and health care.

The Paramedic Scholar Program removes some key barriers to advancement. We’ll pay tuition, reimburse cost of materials and provide an additional stipend for your weekly classroom/study time.


Who Is Eligible?

  • Those holding current EMT-Basic or EMT-Advanced certification.
  • New applicants or current employees of Priority Ambulance Family of Companies.
  • A limited number of positions are available and will be awarded on a competitive basis.

Selection is made based on the strength of applications and interview process.

program overview

The Paramedic Scholar Program makes it easier to attend and complete paramedic training.

  • Apply to Priority Ambulance and be accepted into the Paramedic Scholar Program.

    • To qualify for the scholar program, you must apply through Priority Ambulance and be accepted into an accredited paramedic course.
    • Priority Ambulance will help you find a course and pay for instructional fees, books and other materials.
  • Enjoy a paid stipend, full benefits and flexible work schedule while completing your course.

    • While you complete the course, you will work 24 hours per week but get paid for 36 hours through our course stipend.
    • This allows you to retain full-time status and full benefits while maintaining the flexibility to excel in the program.
    • Priority Ambulance will help you create a flexible schedule to fit your coursework.

    Applicant must be an employee in good standing and work a minimum of 24 hours per week. During course breaks and holidays, applicant will work a full-time schedule of at least 40 hours per week.

  • Begin work immediately upon certification as a paramedic!

    • We’re proud of our employees, and we want you to stay on our team!
    • Those accepted to the program will sign an employment agreement to maintain full-time employment for a period of four years once certified as a paramedic.

Where is the program available?

Select the state below where you are interested and click on the logo to access the website for that local brand. 

apply to learn more!

To start the process, please fill out the initial interest form below. A company representative will contact you to provide more information and discuss the next steps in the program.

  • Provide a few sentences about why you want to advance your career in EMS.