Priority OnDemand Announces Launch of OnDemand Specialty

January 2, 2024

OnDemand, a leading provider of integrated EMS, telehealth, and patient logistics solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its new subsidiary, OnDemand Specialty Vehicles. This innovative company further supports Priority OnDemand’s vision to provide efficiency in care delivery, improving cost savings and quality of care.

OnDemand Specialty Vehicles will manufacture state-of-the-art emergency vehicles designed for the specific needs of municipalities, counties, hospitals, and healthcare facilities. In addition to serving these vital institutions, OnDemand Specialty Vehicles will create emergency vehicles used by Priority Ambulance, a subsidiary of Priority OnDemand, encompassing 17 respected brands serving communities across 13 states nationwide.

“Our team has decades of experience providing emergency medical services in every capacity. That experience offers a unique perspective. Manufacturing our vehicles is a natural extension of our goal to provide the highest quality of care with the most advanced and dependable vehicles on the market,” said Bryan Gibson, CEO of Priority OnDemand.

OnDemand Specialty Vehicles is committed to setting new industry benchmarks for safety, reliability, and innovation. The company’s vehicles will be built with the latest technologies and customized to meet each client’s unique requirements. Whether it’s a bustling metropolitan area, a rural county, or a cutting-edge healthcare institution, OnDemand Specialty Vehicles will provide tailored solutions to ensure safe and efficient emergency medical transportation.

OnDemand Specialty Vehicles will manufacture vehicles from facilities based in Jumpertown, Mississippi.  Gibson, a native of Prentiss County, recognized Prentiss County Chancery Clerk David “Bubba” Pounds in identifying the region as an ideal location for the company’s operations. Additionally, the Prentiss County Board of Supervisors, Jumpertown Mayor Cindy White and the city’s Board of Aldermen played a pivotal role in highlighting the area’s strengths, effectively showcasing it as the perfect site for the OnDemand Specialty Vehicles facility.

OnDemand Specialty Vehicles is a unit of Priority OnDemand, headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee. As a part of the Priority OnDemand family, OnDemand Specialty Vehicles benefits from the expertise and dedication that has made Priority Ambulance a trusted name in emergency medical transportation.