Telehealth Awareness Week Celebration

September 19, 2023

Priority OnDemand and OnDemand Visit are proud to join the nationwide Telehealth Awareness Week celebration from September 17th to 23rd. This annual observance highlights the critical role of telehealth in expanding access to quality healthcare, improving patient outcomes, and enhancing overall convenience.

Telehealth has emerged as a transformative force in healthcare delivery, underscoring its significance during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency. Telehealth played an instrumental role in assisting patients when they needed it most, demonstrating its potential to change the healthcare landscape.

OnDemand Visit, part of the Priority OnDemand Care Platform, was launched in early 2023 to offer comprehensive telehealth solutions catering to various patient use cases and delivery models. Beyond conventional telehealth services, OnDemand Visit offers uniquely tailored products for Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Within the Priority Ambulance family of companies, OnDemand Visit is used to augment 911 calls when a patient’s condition may not necessitate a hospital visit.  

“Using telehealth as part of the field assessment process, we can help the patient determine if they are better off staying home, visiting an urgent care or their own doctor, or if the emergency room is their most appropriate option,” said Steven Vincent, Vice President of Virtual Health for OnDemand Visit. 

Unique to OnDemand Visit is their in-house provider group, available 24/7/365. This consistency builds strong working relationships between providers and EMS crews, forming a more cohesive care team.  

“A call to 911 is a different type of telehealth visit than a patient calling a family physician. Our providers are highly skilled in dealing with patients who have just called 911. Vincent adds, “They are equally skilled at helping non-emergency patients determine if symptoms are cold, flu, or something else.”  

Licensed to provide services in 26 states and expanding further, OnDemand Visit is eager to extend its support to other private and public healthcare services needing accessible, high-quality, and convenient care solutions.

“We are committed to delivering the right care at the right time and cost, whether it’s a patient checking with a nurse for flu symptoms or a paramedic connecting to in the field to health care professionals to assess the need for a hospital visit.”

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