On a Mission for Safer Roads: Priority OnDemand Backs Stop On Red Week to Promote Intersection Safety

August 3, 2023

KNOXVILLE, TN (August 07, 2023)— Beginning August 7, Priority OnDemand and the family of companies at Priority Ambulance will join communities nationwide to observe Stop On Red Week. Established by the Federal Highway Administration in 1995, this nationally recognized campaign serves as a vital educational strategy to reduce the severity of traffic collisions. 

“Many of the traffic collisions that we see across the country are preventable,” said Ken Smith, Vice President of Risk and Safety with Priority Ambulance. “Frequently, these incidents stem from distracted driving and the dangerous practice of running red lights. These are accidents that could have been prevented and can lead to disastrous consequences for the driver, passengers, bystanders, and other motorists.” 

In 2022, more than 46,000 people lost their lives in what experts deemed preventable traffic collisions. While driving under the influence, distracted driving, speeding, and not wearing a seatbelt are the most common causes of car crash deaths, individuals disobeying red stop lights are also a major factor. 

As schools across the nation embark on a new school year, drivers are encouraged to stay alert when approaching traffic signals and school bus stops in their neighborhoods. By adhering to the following guidelines, you can contribute to safeguarding your community on the road: 

  • Stay aware of your surroundings, including pedestrians, drivers, and other road users
  • Use your turn signals to communicate your intentions with other drivers 
  • Come to a complete stop at all intersections and red lights
  • Exercise caution when encountering emergency vehicles or emergency scenes 
  • Eliminate distractions, including handheld devices, to maintain focus on the road
  • Remember that passing a school bus with its stop arm extended and red lights flashing is illegal 

Priority OnDemand and its family of companies at Priority Ambulance encourage motorists to stay attentive and proactive on the roadways. Together, we can make our communities safer. 

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