Priority Ambulance CEO thanks Central EMS employees for Hurricane Matthew evacuation

October 31, 2016

Gibson_bioDear Central EMS employees,

During the Hurricane Matthew evacuation a few weeks ago, I was incredibly impressed by the fast, efficient response of Central EMS during the evacuation of medical facilities in the area. You showed admirable professionalism and calm.

Central EMS evacuated more than 80 patients from southern Georgia and returned them safely to these facilities once the danger had passed. In addition to the 40 employees, 15 ambulances, three quick response vehicles and a mobile intensive care unit working throughout the evening to evacuate all patients, one high-acuity patient also was transported by Central Air Ambulance to safety.

Your willingness to serve with excellence in a time of weather crisis reflects well on Central EMS and Priority Ambulance. During these situations, our medical facility partners and patients depend on us, and you rose to meet this challenge.

The Central EMS leadership team received praise for your efforts during the evacuation. Donna Spangler, director of nursing at Bayshore Pointe Nursing and Rehab Center, reported, “I have participated in multiple evacuations and facility returns, but none of them were as smooth and as efficient as this one. I was absolutely impressed with the manner in which these frail residents were moved and the kindness they were shown by your organization. If I ever have a need again, I would jump at the opportunity to work with you again.”
This feedback is a testament to your hard work and expertise.

Thank you again for your continued dedication to serving your community with excellence and for embodying our Priority Ambulance motto, “Our Community. Our Priority.”



Bryan Gibson
CEO, Priority Ambulance