July 6, 2015

IMG_0764Shoals Ambulance dispatcher Tonya Lester has been honored by the Lauderdale County sheriff for her lifesaving efforts during an emergency call for a man in cardiac arrest. Sheriff Rick Singleton presented the Lifesaving Award to Lester at a Lauderdale County Commission meeting in June.

“I am extremely proud of Tonya for her quick actions that helped save a man’s life,” said Blake Hargett, Shoals Ambulance operations supervisor. “In cardiac situations, every second counts.”

During the 911 call last May, Lester directed Angela Lash to pull her car to a safe place, where she could receive help after her husband, Robbie, went into cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital. The dispatcher assisted Angela Lash and a bystander, Will Bole, in conducting CPR, which kept circulation flowing to the heart while an ambulance was dispatched to the scene.

“Tonya’s help in leading Angela and a Good Samaritan bystander in CPR was critical in sustaining Robbie until he could be transported to the hospital,” Hargett said.

When Shoals Ambulance paramedics arrived, they were able to successfully resuscitate Lash and transport him to the Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital cardiac catheterization lab. Just three days later, he was released from the hospital.

At the commission meeting, Lifesaving Awards also were presented to Bole, Sonny Baltimore and David Charles for their roles in saving Robbie Lash’s life.

“Lifesaving Awards are given to county residents who go above and beyond to assist others,” Singleton said. “We are proud to have excellent emergency workers and citizens in our community who are willing to come together to help save lives, and we are committed to recognizing these local heroes.”

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